Personalised Frosted Glass Nightlight

This is the very first bottle my daughter drank from, I kept it and this is what it finally turned into. A personalised nightlight


Polished Concrete Fire Pit Table

A polished concrete fire pit table made with Oak, sea shells, marbles, crushed glass, crushed slate, a white cement and aggregate mix with glass fibre strands and Nylon mesh for strength and phenolic insulation to make it more lightweight

Concrete Guitar Stand with Fibre optic lights

Standing Lamp


I saw something which inspired me to do this, it’s a log burner with the lid closed, the butterfly valve in the snout is to control the heat, with the lid open it’s a BBQ fuelled by charcoal

Subaru Lamp

5ft Standing lamp made entirely from Subaru car parts, the base is made from four pistons, con rods and the crankshaft, the stem is the exhaust midpipe and to finish it off the lampshade is the catalytic converter casing and heat sheild


60 Watt light bulb rearranged into 1 candle power

Jack Daniels Oil burner in a pine holder

Pine Wine bottle holder

I made 2 of these wine bottle holders today which then inspired the above